This is England '90, episode three review: Series finale is unlikely to be pretty

This Is England ’90  has turned the gloom and despair up to 11

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Over on Channel 4 hope was in increasingly short supply as, after two relatively cheery opening episodes, This Is England ’90 turned the gloom and despair up to 11. With pressure building in the gang following news of Combo’s early release from prison, Lol and Woody decided that the best way to tell the truth about her father’s death was to hold the world’s most depressing dinner party featuring a catastrophic combination of secrets unveiled and beliefs shattered – all helped down with plates of Brussels sprouts. By the episode’s end a devastated  Kelly was nodding out on heroin  while Combo struggled to adjust to  civilian life and a furious Milky prepared for vengeance. 

Next week’s finale is unlikely to be pretty.