Watch Breaking Bad Walter White's Facebook Look Back video

Video highlights the highs and lows of the fictional chemist

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Most of us are probably already bored of Facebook's somewhat cringe-inducing Look Back videos, which seem intent on showcasing our most drunken and/or embarrassing moments since we joined the social network set against a backdrop of emotionally charged music. However, for those still suffering from Breaking Bad withdrawal, Walter White’s Look Back may be worth a watch.

The video, produced by Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues, guides us through the highs and lows of fictional chemistry teacher and meth producer White's life, showcasing some of the most pivotal moments in the series.

The critically acclaimed TV show followed White as he joined forces with former student Jessie Pinkman to become a homicidal methamphetamine producer, while simultaneously battling lung cancer and attempting to keep up a normal semblance of family life.

In White's Look Back, we see his first moments to his most liked posts, which include: "Got a sweet new ride! Life is a highway" with a picture of the infamous trailer, and "Jessie is being such a bitch, he needs to apply himself. LOL".

Another 'most liked post' includes a picture of White as his alter ego Heisenburg, followed by "Bought a hat and sunglasses today! #YOLO.

Breaking Bad fanatics can also look forward to seeing some of their favourite characters back on the screen again, after Jonathan Banks reportedly signed up to reprise his role as reluctant fixer Mike Ehermantraut for the spin-off prequel Better Call Saul. Aaron Paul, who plays Jessie, also hinted both he and Bryan Cranston might be willing to make an appearance, telling the Toronto Sun “I’m definitely up for it. I mean, I think we all are.

“I know Bryan (Cranston) said he’s up to do another little Walter White cameo" he said. "We’re such an incredible family, we love each other so much and if we’re able to play these characters that kind of gave us all careers, then yeah, why not do it again.”