Watch the moment Lucy Beale's killer is finally revealed

Was the reveal worth the wait? Watch and decide

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Britain's long wait is over.

After almost a year of talk, tantrums, tears and tantalising television, the mystery of who killed Lucy Beale was finally solved on EastEnders live on Thursday.

Watch the moment the culprit was revealed during the semi-live episode, which was part of two episodes broadcast in the same evening to mark the 30th anniversary of the soap.

Who was it all along?

Bobby Beale. Viewers saw Jane Beale receive a call and rush over to the Beale house where she finds Lucy's body on the floor.

Jane then turns to see Bobby standing behind them.

“Whatever she says, she started it. She made everyone unhappy," Lucy's 12-year-old brother says ominiously.

Bobby was also the bookies’ favourite to have committed the crime.

The year-long mystery surrounding Lucy’s death is the soap’s biggest whodunit for years, following ‘Who killed Archie’ in 2009 and ‘Who shot Phil Mitchell’ in 2001.