For a Few Dollars More

Directed by Sergio Leone
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For a Few Dollars More (1965) is a spaghetti western directed by Sergio Leone and starring Clint Eastwood. It is the second part of what is commonly known as the Leone / Eastwood "Dollars" trilogy.

Eastwood (the "Man with No Name") and Van Cleef (as Colonel Douglas Mortimer - "The Man in Black") portray two bounty hunters in pursuit of "El Indio" (Volontè), one of the most wanted fugitives in the western territories, and his gang. The film begins with Van Cleef illegally stopping a train in Tucumcari in order to collect a bounty of $1000 on Guy Callaway. After collecting the bounty he inquires about Red "Baby" Cavanaugh who has a $2000 bounty dead. However he is a step behind Eastwood who finds Cavanaugh at a saloon playing 5 card draw poker. Eastwood proceeds to capture Cavanaugh and gun down his 3 henchmen. Eastwood then shoots Cavanaugh who reaches for his pistol. Indio's primary goal is to rob the Bank of El Paso and its special safe containing one million dollars. After a tremendous display of sharpshooting Van Cleef and Eastwood realize that one of them must join Indio's gang during the robbery…


Sergio Leone


Fulvio Montella

Sergio Leone

Luciano Vincenzoni


Clint Eastwood … The Man With No Name

Lee Van Cleef … Col. Douglas Mortimer

Gian Maria Volontè … El Indio

Mara Krupp … Mary

Luigi Pistilli … Groggy

Klaus Kinski … Wild

Joseph Egger … Old Prophet

Panos Papadopulos … Sancho Perez

Benito Stefanelli … Luke

Roberto Camardiel … Station clerk

Aldo Sambrell … Cuccillo

Luis Rodríguez … Gangmember

Tomás Blanco … Santa Cruz Telegrapher

Lorenzo Robledo … Tomaso

Sergio Mendizábal … Tucumcari bank manager


  • Lee Van Cleef claimed to be faster on the draw than Clint Eastwood. He took three frames of film (one eighth of a second) to draw, cock and fire.
  • The safe that Indio robs with his gang in El Paso contains Confederate dollar notes.
  • Although Eastwood's poncho was never washed during the production of the dollar trilogy, it was mended. In the final scene of 'Fistful of dollars', the poncho is pierced by seven bullets from Ramon's Winchester. In the sequel, Eastwood wears the same poncho back-to-front and the mending of the bullet holes is clearly visible in several scenes. The mended area, originally on the left breast, is now worn over the right shoulder-blade.