Inspector Clouseau (1968)

Directed by Bud Yorkin
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An organized crime wave strikes across Europe. Suspecting a mole within Scotland Yard, the Prime Minister brings Clouseau in to solve the case. Clouseau foils two assassination attempts but is accidentally kidnapped. The gang uses him to make a face mask. Later, they use their Clouseau masks to commit a series of daring bank robberies across Europe. Eventually, Clouseau foils the plot and unmasks the traitor within the Yard.


Bud Yorkin


Blake Edwards (character)

Maurice Richlin (character)

Frank Waldman

Tom Waldman


Alan Arkin as Inspector Jacques Clouseau

Frank Finlay as Supt. Weaver

Delia Boccardo as Lt. Lisa Morrel

Patrick Cargill as Commissioner Sir Charles Braithwaite

Beryl Reid as Mrs. Weaver

Barry Foster as Addison Steele

Clive Francis as Clyde Hargreaves (aka "Johnny Rainbow")

John Bindon as Bull Parker

Michael Ripper as Frey

Tutte Lemkow as Frenchie LeBec

Anthony Ainley as Bomber LeBec

Wallas Eaton as Hoeffler

David Bauer as Police Chief Geffrion

Richard Pearson as Shockley

George Pravda as Wulf


  • Alan Arkin got the role of Clouseau after Peter Sellers declined to play the part a third time. This was the last Clouseau film until Sellers returned to the role in 1975.