Red Dawn

Directed by John Milius
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Red Dawn (1984) A film depicting the invasion of the United States from the north and south by communist forces from Cuba and Russia in the beginning of WWIII and the efforts of partisans from a small mid-western town to turn back the invasion. This film is one of the bases of the beliefs of the citizens’ militias and patriot groups about the possibility off a U.N. takeover of the U.S. The movie and the theory of the New World Order proposed by the militias are similar, invasion by a foreign force, a big gun grab, arrest of gun owners, military equipment being moved on railroads, enemy helicopters re-education facilities (concentration camps), and a citizen force that strikes back.


John Milius


John Milius (writer)

Kevin Reynolds (screenplay)


Patrick Swayze... Jed

C. Thomas Howell... Robert

Lea Thompson... Erica

Charlie Sheen... Matt

Darren Dalton... Daryl

Jennifer Grey... Toni

Brad Savage... Danny

Doug Toby... Aardvark

Ben Johnson... Mason

Harry Dean Stanton... Mr. Eckert

Ron O'Neal... Bella

William Smith... Strelnikov

Vladek Sheybal... Bratchenko

Powers Boothe... Andy

Frank McRae... Mr. Teasdale


  • This was the first motion picture released with the PG-13 rating, which had been created after difficulty rating some movies in 1984, most notably Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). (The Flamingo Kid (1984) was the first film to be *given* a PG-13 rating, but sat on the shelves for five months before being released).