Road to Hong Kong

Directed by Norman Panama
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Road to Hong Kong (1962). This is the final Hope and Crosby movie. They play Chester and Harry, two hucksters. When Chester loses his memory, they are told that his only hope is to go to a lamasery where they have an herb that can not only restore one's memory but enhance it. Now through a case of mistaken identity they get there hands on some sensitive material and the only copy of it are in Chester's head. But unfortunately for them the high lama sent someone to get the herbs back thus making it impossible for to get the information. And the people who want it are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.


Norman Panama


Melvin Frank (writer)

Norman Panama (writer)


Bing Crosby... Harry Turner

Bob Hope... Chester Babcock

Joan Collins... Diane (3rd Echelon agent)

Robert Morley... Leader of the 3rd Echelon

Walter Gotell... Dr. Zorbb (3rd Echelon scientist)

Felix Aylmer... Grand Lama

Alan Gifford... American official

Michele Mok... Mr. Ahso

Katya Douglas... 3rd Echelon receptionist

Roger Delgado... Jhinnah

Robert Ayres... American official

Mei Ling... Ming Toy

Jacqueline Jones... Blonde at airport

Yvonne Shima... Poon Soon

Dorothy Lamour... Herself


  • Joan Collins was given the female lead in this final "Road" picture and Dorothy Lamour was given a small cameo appearance. When Lamour balked, and since financial backing hinged on her participation in the project, her role was enlarged.