Rob Roy

Directed by Michael Caton-Jones
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Rob Roy (1995). The true story of Robert Roy MacGregor (16711734), a hero of 18th Century Scotland, whose love for one woman gave him honour, courage and, ultimately, his life. The leader and provider for the entire MacGregor clan, Rob Roy arranges to borrow money from the Marquis of Montrose to help them survive the harsh Highland winter. However, his trust in less honourable men makes him a pawn in a ruthless plot.


Michael CatonJones


Alan Sharp (screenplay)


Liam Neeson... Robert Roy MacGregor

Jessica Lange... Mary MacGregor

John Hurt... John Graham, Marquis of Montrose

Tim Roth... Archibald Cunningham

Eric Stoltz... Alan MacDonald

Andrew Keir... Duke of Argyll

Brian Cox... Killearn

Brian McCardie... Alasdair McGregor

Gilbert Martin... Will Guthrie

Vicki Masson... Betty

Gilly Gilchrist... Iain

Jason Flemyng... Gregor

Ewan Stewart... Coll

David Hayman... Sibbald

Brian McArthur... Ranald McGregor


  • The Duke of Arygll was first offered to Sean Connery