Son of the Pink Panther (1993)

Directed by Blake Edwards
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Eighth entry in the Pink Panther. It is nearly 30 years since Inspector Jacques Clouseau managed to get Maria Gambrelli off from a murder charge (events of "A Shot In The Dark".) Maria has moved to a seaside town. Also Princess Yasmin of Lugash has come to the town for a holiday with her father. She is kidnapped and because of the strong ties between France and Lugash, Chief Inspector Dreyfus is called in to find her. He is hampered by the local police officer Jacques and is amazed when he finds that Jacques is Maria's son. He is terrified that Jacques is Clouseau's son, especially as he is showing Clouseau-ish behaviour. Both Jacques and Dreyfus set out to find the missing Princess...


Blake Edwards


Blake Edwards

Madeline Sunshine

Steven Sunshine


Roberto Benigni … Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli

Herbert Lom … Police Commisioner Charles Dreyfus

Claudia Cardinale … Maria Gambrelli

Shabana Azmi … Queen

Debrah Farentino … Princess Yasmin

Jennifer Edwards … Yussa

Robert Davi … Hans Zarba

Mark Schneider … Arnon

Mike Starr … Hanif

Kenny Spalding … Garth

Burt Kwouk … Cato Fong

Anton Rodgers … Police Chief Charles Lazar

Graham Stark … Professor Auguste Balls


  • The character of Maria Gambrelli, played here by Claudia Cardinale (who appeared as Princess Dala in the first film, The Pink Panther (1963), originally appeared in A Shot in the Dark (1964) and was played by Elke Sommer.