Upbeat: A mole writes

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WHEN they opened the Suez Canal, it was Verdi's Aida that they commissioned for the occasion. And for the late 20th-century's engineering equivalent, what momentous work of art will be created as the Queen of England and the President of France shuttle back and forth beneath the Channel next year? Well, so far there's a Eurotunnel Tea Party in fancy dress. Arts people have just received invitations for an event on 28 August to talk about ideas for the grand opening, signed by Marcus the Mole.

Naturally the word is that something spectacular and secret is in hand for the French side. If anything remotely worthy of the occasion is ever going to happen in Britain it's long overdue for getting started. Great PR, too, to send out letters over the name of a creature known for burying its head in the ground: expect the next news from Oswald the Ostrich.