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The season of the blockbusters has descended upon America. The daddy of them all, Mission: Impossible has, predictably, gone straight to the top of the charts, opening on 3,012 screens across the country. It's released here on 5 July. This takes the wind out of the tornado thriller Twister. The lame James Bond spoof Spy Hard makes a surprisingly good showing. It opened here and in the US on the same day, a trick distributors play to capitalise on business before word gets around of how bad a film is. (All figures denote weekend box-office only)


1 (-) Mission: Impossible ($56,811,602) US

2 (1) Twister ($37,966,706) US

3 (-) Spy Hard ($10,448,420) US

4 (2) Flipper ($5,406,510) US

5 (4) The Truth About Cats and Dogs ($2,705,797) US

6 (3) The Craft ($1,774,539) US

7 (re) Toy Story ($1,774,539) US

8 (6) Primal Fear ($1,429,961) US

9 (8) The Birdcage ($1,263,789) US

10 (5) Heaven's Prisoners ($1,123,935) US

Chart supplied by 'Screen International'