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1. c) Bill Clinton. DNA tests on the boy, Danny Williams, and his mother, commissioned by the tabloid, the Star, have shown no match with Clinton.

2. Los Tele-Chobis. Mexico's answer to The Teletubbies. TV Azteca were shown the British Teletubbies programmes, but refused to run them without advertising, as stipulated by their distribution company, and Los Tele- Chobis was born.

3. c) Det Inspector Ben Bullock, second in command of the inquiry into Stephen Lawrence's murder, whose decision to resign was announced this week.

4. Boxing promoter Frank Warren who was ordered, with his business partner Christopher Roberts, to pay his US counterpart, Don King, $12m (pounds 7.5m) in settlement of their partnership.

5. c) Whelan will help present Sunday Service from April.

6. Alan Bennett, who turned down an honorary degree from Oxford University because of its association with Murdoch, who endowed a professorial chair in 1992.

7. Tesco, who are considering introducing a naked shopping evening for naturists.

8. b) Margaret Cook in her memoirs A Slight and Delicate Creature.

9. They have all been listed in the 1999 edition of Who's Who.

10. b) Tony Blair visited St Thomas's hospital.

11. c) Jonathan Aitken's. The former Tory minister recently took a DNA test to confirm that he is the father of Petrina Khashoggi, a child of Soraya Khashoggi, the former wife of Saudi businessman Adnan Khashoggi.

12. a) Evans's Virgin Radio was fined pounds 10,000 after Evans gave out the mobile number of a photographer and urged listeners to harass him.

b) It was disclosed that Heath has been receiving thousands of pounds as an adviser to four Chinese companies, which he had not declared in the House of Commons Register of Members' Interests.

c) She was accused by Pakistan customs officials of attempting to smuggle antiques, after a package of 397 tiles addressed to her mother was seized.

d) It was reported that Jerry Hall had filed for divorce, following Mick's alleged affair with a Brazilian model.