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Blade Runner: the Director's Cut (15; Warner Home Video). Shorter and less daft version of Ridley Scott's grand fantasia, first released 10 years ago. Still has its longueurs, but with the sunny climax chopped out, this musty mood-piece can now settle down to cast its throbbing, anaesthetic spell. Anthony Lane

Schtonk] (15; Artificial Eye). A spoof on the Hitler diaries affair, Schtonk] lays about those involved - scoop-crazed hack, incompetent forger, megalomaniac tycoon - with a heavy satirical broadsword. Director Helmut Dietl seems to be making a point about collective gullibility, but the film's way with a gag is so thumpingly crass we soon cease to care what the point might be. Anthony Quinn

Yojimbo (PG; Connoisseur). Akira Kurosawa made this tale of a samurai (Toshiro Mifune) working for both sides in a small-town conflict in 1961 as an homage to the westerns he so admired. It's a neat twist that his story was then re- made as A Fistful of Dollars, one of the most successful westerns ever. A great film, and the perfect introduction to the director's work. Laurence Earle