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It Could Happen to You (PG). This story of a cop whose life is turned upside down after he wins the New York lottery gains resonance with every tabloid headline, having been released in the cinema at the start of our own Camelot fever. Nicolas Cage, with his usual laid-back charm, plays the policeman who gives half his lottery ticket to a waitress (Bridget Fonda) in lieu of a tip - and then has all hell to pay when he wins and his wife finds out. A pleasant souffle - may have suffered at the box office by dropping its original title: Cop Gives Waitress $2m Tip.

The Shadow (12). A travesty of Orson Welles's classic radio series, substituting laborious special effects for Welles's mischief and menace.

Pulp Fiction (18). Barbs and barbarity in Tarantino's comic, Oscar- winning thriller.

Sleep With Me (18). Fractiously funny, Generation-X sex comedy. With Eric Stolz.

The Return of Martin Guerre (1982, 15). Dep-ardieu in intriguing tale of disputed identity.

Geronimo (12). Walter Hill's mellow but magnificent study of the last Apache.

Speed (15). White-knuckle suspense trip with Keanu Reeves. Quentin Curtis