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Single White Female (18; Columbia). Bridget Fonda advertises for a room-mate, but lives to regret her choice when the successful applicant (the excellent Jennifer Jason Leigh) borrows her hairdo and moves in on her boyfriend. Barbet Schroeder's flatmate-from-hell thriller briefly became a talking point last year, but never does more than skim the surface of a promising subject. Laurence Earle

Husbands and Wives (15; 20:20 Vision). In which a middle-aged man runs off with a girl young enough to be his grand-daughter. Woody Allen's tale of marital meltdown was rush-released to cash in on real-life parallels - which obscured the fact that it is his best effort since Crimes and Misdemeanours. A complex, meaty story of relationships in turmoil. LE

Dust Devil (18; PolyGram). The second feature from young, British-based director Richard Stanley is an ambitious story of a jaded housewife on the loose in the Namibian desert. His camera has a gleeful eye for the grotesque: a cinema filled with sand, a morgue of charred bodies like ruined Greek statues. Too bad about the sixth-form narration. Quentin Curtis

Night and the City (15; First Independent). It's got Robert De Niro. It's got Jessica Lange. And it's still a turkey. A remake of a 1950 film noir that can't make up its mind how seriously it wants to be taken. Rent any other film featuring either of the stars (or Cape Fear, which has them both) before you go for this. Cindy Lyall

Bitter Moon (18; Columbia-Tristar). Roman Polanski's risible . . . comedy? . . . drama? . . . starring his wife, Emmanuelle Seigner, as a sex- pest on a cruise liner. So bad, it's funny. LE

Chaplin (15; Guild). Richard Attenborough's clunking bio-pic tells the story but somehow misses the life, despite the best efforts of Robert Downey Jnr in the title role. LE


Le Cop 2 (12; Tartan Video; pounds 15.99). Amiable sequel to the popular flic thriller finds our heroes (Thierry Lhermitte, Philippe Noiret - soon to be seen together in Patrice Leconte's Tango) on gentler form, as Lhermitte tries to go straight, much to his partner's chagrin. LE

A Winter's Tale (15; Artificial Eye; pounds 15.99). Eric Rohmer's delightful fable, the second of his 'Tales of the Four Seasons'. LE