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Total Soccer HHHHH

PC CD-Rom Football fans everywhere have something to cheer about as Live Media release Total Soccer, a simple, yet incredibly playable football game. As soon as you start the game, the similarities between this and Kick Off 2 become obvious. From the easy gameplay to the basic, bird's-eye-view graphics, Total Soccer captures all of the features that made Kick Off such a success. With up-to-date teams, leagues and competitions Total Soccer is everything that footie fanatics could hope of.

Live Media, out now, pounds 29.99

Live Wire HH

PlayStation Fancy a bit of wacky, action-packed, colourful fun? Well, then take a look at SCI's new release, Live Wire. The game features some of the most bizarre gameplay to date. Players have to guide their Bomberman-esque characters around several 3D levels, with the aim of drawing more squares than their opponents. Despite some attractive features, Live Wire is lacking in many respects, with some poor graphics and tedious gameplay. Unfortunately for SCI, Live Wire is more of a short circuit.

SCI, 19 Mar, pounds 29.99

Glover HHH

Nintendo 64 There have been many unusual video game heroes in the past, from skeletons to baby dinosaurs, but none can compare to Glover, Nintendo's creation who has to save the Crystal Kingdom, single-handedly. In this action adventure game players take control of Glover, a magical glove, and must complete more than 30 levels by solving puzzles, defeating the baddies, and returning the missing crystals. The graphics are excellent, but the gameplay is repetitive. Glover does entertain, but the appeal wears off.

Nintendo, out now, pounds 44.99

A Bug's Life HHHH

PC CD-Rom For the younger fans of the new Disney film, A Bug's Life, Disney Interactive has released the inelegantly named Disney's Activity Centre, Disney/Pixar's A Bug's Life. In this title you get the chance to help Flik, a character from the film, to build up an ant colony. To do this you must carry out tasks like sorting blue and red berries, and helping to put together a flea circus. With loads of activities, both on the PC and using print-out, Disney's Activity Centre will provide lots of fun for children or those young at heart.

Disney Interactive, out now, pounds 29.99