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Player Manager 98/99 HHH

PC-CD ROM With the release of Championship Manager 3 being much- delayed, a gap has opened which allows the smaller names a crack at the football-games market - for example Anco, with their new release Player Manager 98/99. The game contains the usual management sim features: choice of leagues, the ability to buy or sell players, and control all training, tactics, and stadium maintenance. The extra features include the player- manager option, and being able to watch the matches. It isn't too bad, but there are a few bugs that need ironing out.

Anco, out now, pounds 29.99

Turok 2 HHHHH

Nintendo 64 Gratuitous violence has become far too pervasive in computer games nowadays. However, when it comes in the form of games like Turok 2, temptation could get the better of us. Unfortunately if you haven't yet reached the big one-five won't be able to enjoy this game, as it has picked up a 15 certificate. For those who are old enough, you'll enjoy some of the most impressive graphics and toughest gameplay yet, as you battle through all-comers in this Doom-style adventure. Turok 2 is a tribute to N64 owners everywhere. Truly the beast is loose.

Acclaim, out now, pounds 49.99

Thief: The Dark Project HHHHH

PC CD ROM Eidos have enjoyed a very successful 1998, with hit titles such as Commandos, World League Soccer, and more recently Gangsters. Now they look to carry that success into 1999 with the release of Thief: The Dark Project. This is, surprise, surprise, yet another Doom look-alike with superb graphics and incredible gameplay, but, instead of tackling the enemy head-on, your goal is to sneak your way through each level, avoiding confrontation, as you stalk your way to victory. Thief is a wonderful game, and looks sure to grab a top spot in the charts.

Eidos, out now, pounds 39.99

Libero Grande HHHH

PlayStation Football sims have been around for as long as I remember, but few will stick in the memory like Sony's new release, Libero Grande. It is the only football game where you control one player instead of 11. The gameplay is very accurate, with over 100 moves at your fingertips. It must be said, however, that the annoying camera angle and easy opposition means the game could quickly lose its appeal. Libero Grande is not the best footie game out there, but it is the most innovative, and certainly worth a look.

Sony, out now, pounds 44.99