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R-Type Delta HHH

PlayStation R-Type, Irem's seminal mid-1980s scrolling shoot'- em-up, is back with more than a touch of deja vu about it. Controlling an R-Type space ship you have to fly through a series of increasing ferocious levels. There are power-ups and weapons galore to collect along the way, armadas of enemy ships to destroy and numerous alien bosses to do battle with. It's easy to play, perhaps mindless, maybe dated, but remains good fun.

Sony, out now, pounds 34.99

GTA - London 1969 HHHH

PlayStation/PC CD ROM London 1969 is an official data CD that requires the original Grand Theft Auto to run. Taking the same top-down perspective it boasts a new set of missions now based in the Swinging Sixties. Working for some nefarious characters it's your job to complete "jobs" ranging from delivering packages to driving getaway cars. If you're at all familiar with the best-selling original, expect more of the same but with improved graphics.

Take 2, out now, pounds 19.99

Driver HHHHH

PlayStation A cross between Grand Theft Auto and Gran Turismo, this mission-based game puts you in the role of getaway-car driver and undercover cop. One minute you'll be transporting dynamite across town and the next you'll be giving a crime boss the ride of his life trying to extract a confession from him. With different vehicles, realistic handling and accurate city layouts, this game promises to be something special.

GT Interactive, out June, pounds 39.99

Peacemaker HHHH

PC CD ROM Using the excellent Team Apache engine, this arcade shoot-'em-up requires fast reactions and uses real battle tactics. There are 21 levels of dog fighting and air-to-ground blasting set in a realistic and immersive 3D world. This fun action game contains several selectable camera positions, on-screen radar and help, real-time weather effects, massive weaponry and a choice of nine helicopters to fly.

Jinxter/Kujo, out June, pounds 19.99