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Corsairs HHH

PC CD ROM If you be looking for some action on the high seas, then Corsairs might just sate your hunger. As a privateer it is your job to command a fleet of ships, sail around, collect booty and destroy anyone who stands in your way. With its top down gameplay and Command and Conquer feel to its real-time strategy, Corsairs is certainly an entertaining game. The only trouble is that learning the ropes is a little over-complicated.

Codemasters, out now, pounds 24.99

Gruntz HH

PC CD ROM Gruntz features loads of sweet, Troll-like creatures, whom you have to guide through mind-boggling levels. To aid you in your task, there are objects to pick up, tips to help you if you get stuck, and the cartoony graphics maintain the wacky atmosphere. However, the game's main problem is that it lacks any real challenge for experienced gamers even in "battle" mode, so this is best left to the younger generations.

Codemasters, out now, pounds 19.99

Super Mario Brothers DX HHHH

Game Boy Colour Fans of Mario Bros. platform action have been well rewarded with Nintendo's new release, Super Mario Brothers DX. This is a true masterpiece of retro gaming. Nintendo have included improved graphics, all-new levels, but most impressive of all is the never-seen- before race mode, which allows players to speed along against either the computer or another human player, via a link cable.

Nintendo, out now, pounds 24.99

Amerzone HHHHH

PC CD ROM Following its award-winning success overseas, Amerzone, the game dubbed "better than Myst and Riven put together", has finally reached our shores. The makers of Amerzone have ditched static graphics in favour of all-new 3D panoramic scenery. When you add this to the beautifully animated cut-scenes, the mind-boggling puzzles, and simple gameplay, this title looks sure to be a big hit in the UK.

Codemasters, out now, pounds 34.99