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Mechwarrior 3 HHHH

PC CD-ROM Ever since its debut, Mechwarrior has been a milestone in gaming, with its blend of 3D carnage and tactical warfare, and Mechwarrior 3 looks like being another smash hit. The game retains the 3D first-person point-of-view. But the graphics have been given a facelift, along with the addition of new features, such as new mechs, new missions and an eight- player option. So what are you waiting for?

Microprose, out now, pounds 39.99

Organic Art Deluxe HHH

PC CD-ROM Ever wondered what you could create on your PC? Not so much a game as an art generator, Organic Art is a programme which allows you to design in the style of artist William Latham, and then watch your creations grow using its innovative Evolutionary Generator. However it can become somewhat tedious. So for all you budding artists, you could go far worse than Organic Art Deluxe.

Mindscape, out now, pounds 29.99

Ape Escape HH

PlayStation In Sony's latest release, Ape Escape, Specter, the evil head-monkey, has taken control of the Professor's time machine. His plan is to send his monkey-friends into the past and change the course of history, making them the dominant species. Whilst the cool sprites and vehicle-based levels are appealing, the awkward control system and repetitive themes stop this from being a total success.

Sony, out now, pounds 39.99

Virus: It is aware HH

PlayStation Resident Evil has spawned a new generation of 3D shoot- em-ups, such as Cryo Interactive's Virus. The game casts you as Joan Averil, a district attorney, and it is your job to destroy the mysterious virus. Like all Resident Evil incarnates, there are loads of guns to collect, puzzles to solve, and some great scenery to explore. Sadly, though, this game lacks the stylishness of Resident Evil.

Cyro Interactive, out now, pounds 39.99