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F1 World Grand Prix 2

N64 Take on the challenge of the Formula 1 racing championship in Nintendo's . Along with the usual improvements that come with a sequel, such as better graphics and updated statistics, the developers have also sorted out the car handling problems that affected the original title. With all this and an incredible 4-player option, this game should maintain pole position on the N64 for a long time.

Nintendo, out now, pounds 44.99

Premier Manager 64

Nintendo 64 With the new football season ready to kick off, Gremlin have taken this opportunity to release the first ever management sim on the N64. The game is almost identical to the PlayStation version, but without slowdown or loading delays. However, although the game is easy to pick up and play, sadly the continuous need to carry out mundane jobs such as player training means it becomes tedious all too quickly.

Gremlin, August, pounds 44.99


PC-CD ROM Somewhat belatedly, Eidos bring Mel Gibson's Braveheart to the PC. The game take place in two sections. First, players have to scour the Scottish towns and countryside to recruit an army. Then, when you feel that patriotic blood pumping through your veins, you can take to the battlefield in 3D fight sequences. If you think you've got what it takes to lead the Scots to glory, try your hand at this unusual offering .

Eidos, out now, pounds 29.99

Syphon Filter HHHHH

PlayStation In the wake of Metal Gear Solid Sony have now released the superb Syphon Filter. As special agent Gabe Logan your job is to infiltrate and destroy the terrorist organisation plotting to release a deadly virus. With a similar style of play to Metal Gear Solid, the game boasts great attention to detail and more than 20 enthralling levels of gaming which make this one action title you shouldn't miss.

Sony Interactive, out now, pounds 39.99