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Croc 2 HHHH

PlayStation Fox Interactive's cute little Crocodile is back for his second big adventure on the PlayStation. In his latest escapade Croc has to once again scour the magical land of the Gobbos, this time in search of his missing parents. There are new enemies, new moves and an innovative two-player co-operative option. All this together with the smoother graphics could make Croc 2 one of the platform games of the year.

Fox Interactive, out now, pounds 39.99

Tactical Manager 2 HHH

PC CD-ROM Bright Star's Tactical Manager 2 gives you the chance to manage one of over 1,050 teams from across the globe. Tactical Manager 2 allows up to 1,000 players in any one game, and contains a massive 30 championships to challenge for. Although this is not the most user-friendly release, it is certainly the most detailed. It also comes with a built- in data editor, so updating your game stats has never been easier.

Bright Star, Sept, pounds 24.95


PC CD-ROM The number of memorable boxing games to be released on the PC are few and far between, but K.O., is a game you won't forget. While the aim is to box your way to the top and win the World Heavy Weight Championship, K.O. also contains British and European championships. If that isn't enough, the smart graphics, cool combos and awesome special moves are sure to knock you out.

Data Becker, Sept, pounds 29.99

Omega Boost HH

PlayStation The world is once more in jeopardy from an alien fiend and it is up to you to save the day. Omega Boost puts you in command of an enormous robotic flying suit which must be piloted through nine levels of fast, great-looking action. However, smart graphics aside, this title has very little to offer any experienced gamer - the simple target-and- shoot gameplay becomes all too tedious all too quickly.

Sony, out now, pounds 34.99