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Aliens vs Predator HHHH

PC CD-ROM This is a stunning first-person perspective Quake-style combat game which puts players in control of two of the cinema's ugliest creations - the Alien and Predator. Apart from the all-too realistic sound effects, the unprecedented animation and scenery brings the scary game to life. But if you really think you're hard enough, you can always try tackling the missions as a Marine armed with an impressive array of weapons.

Virgin Interactive, out now, pounds 29.99

Sim City 3000 HHH

PC CD-ROM Although this urban management sim has the same feel as previous versions and maintains the popular gameplay, Sim City 3000 also possesses greater realism, improved terrain, new authentic buildings, intelligent and opinionated inhabitants and the ability to cut deals with neighbouring towns. This, together with the new, user-friendly control system, makes Sim City 3000 a fantastically enjoyable game.

Electronic Arts, out now, pounds 29.99

C&C: Tiberian Sun HHHHH

PC CD-ROM As in the original Command & Conquer game, players control either the GDI or Nod forces, each hell bent on destroying the other. In this, the latest C&C episode of tactical warfare, the one-player missions are designed to really test your tactics, but Internet multi-player is also supported. With the addition of new units and the all-important new 3D environments, C&C is back with a vengeance.

Westwood, out now, pounds 39.99

FA Premier League Stars HHH

PC CD-ROM The PC version of FA Premier League Stars is a definite improvement over the disappointing PlayStation outing which had many flaws. The PC code now boasts pace, fluid graphics and gameplay. As before, you can control your favourite Premier League teams and improve player ratings, before taking to the pitch and enjoying smooth, fast moving action. This time out FA Premier League Stars is fun to play.

Electronic Arts, out now, pounds 39.99