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LMA Manager HHH

PlayStation Boasting post-match analysis from Alan Hansen, LMA Manager is a footie-management-sim with all the features you'd expect. Players must dabble in the transfer market, decide on tactics and develop their ground if they hope to be successful. With more than 300 clubs and 8,000 players, this game certainly has strength in depth, but while the whole thing is competent and fun, overall it lacks flair and originality.

Codemasters, out 8 Oct, pounds 39.99

Half Life HHHH

PC CD-ROM A combination of state of the art graphics and engaging Quake-style gameplay earnt the original version of this game enormous critical acclaim. Hence this new Game of the Year Edition featuring an additional, team-based multi-player game, Team Fortress Classic, as well as updates and patches previously available on the Internet. A worthwhile purchase only for those without the original version.

Sierra, out now, pounds 39.99

Shadow Man HH

Nintendo 64 Take a trip in search of lost souls in Acclaim's N64 conversion of Shadow Man. A third-person action-cum-role-playing game, this boils down to a lot of wandering around 3D environments collecting various items and killing the occasional baddie. Some fairly atmospheric cut sequences can't make up for the disappointing gameplay - once again a decent PC game has been transformed into an average N64 title.

Acclaim, out now, pounds 49.99

Rat Attack HH

PC CD-ROM The pesky rodents in Rat Attack are evil mutant space rats rather than loveable house mice and your feline mission is to catch them in your special eraticator trap. With its quirky cartoon-style graphics and annoying soundtrack this game is, well, strangely quirky. While the gameplay will probably prove too limited and repetitive to keep most adults interested for long, kids are sure to love it.

Mindscape, out 1 Oct, pounds 34.99