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G-Police HHH

PlayStation Take to the skies aboard a futuristic chopper-jet and wipe out anything that moves in this sequel to the highly successful G-Police. The game casts you in the role of a lawman of the future whose job it is to fly around Blade Runner-esque environments catching criminals. With its fluid 3D graphics, fast-paced gameplay and responsive controls G-Police 2: Weapons of Justice could be an even bigger hit than its predecessor.

Psygnosis, out now, pounds 34.99

Point Blank 2 HH

PlayStation Another sequel hitting PlayStations soon is Point Blank 2, a shooting game designed for those punters who own a G-con45 light gun. The action is made up of a series of sub games which challenge the player to hit targets as they appear on the screen. The gameplay is fairly basic as are the graphics and presentation, but the whole thing is fairly entertaining, for a while at least. It's not a classic, but it is playable.

Namco, out now, pounds 34.99

Toy Commander HHHHH

Dreamcast Has the Dreamcast got what it takes to revive Sega's fortunes? The answer on the evidence of this game is an emphatic yes. Toy Commander lets you pilot miniature vehicles around 3D environments based on the different rooms of a house. While the concept behind the game may not be original, the quality of the graphics and the depth of the gameplay elevate this above similar titles on other machines.

Sega, October, pounds tba

Monaco GP Racing 2 HHHH

Dreamcast Billed as the most challenging racing sim ever created, Monaco Grand Prix Racing 2 is well equipped to compete in a crowded field. It features all 16 tracks from this year's championship and a choice of 22 different drivers. It also boasts staggeringly realistic, super-smooth 3D graphics and a multiplayer option which lets up to eight players battle it out on the same track. All in all, a very solid performer.

Ubisoft, October, pounds tba