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Rayman 2 HHHH

PC CD-ROM Rayman, the cute little cartoon character who stole the hearts of PlayStation owners everywhere with his first platform adventure, is back. This game brings the formerly flat creature into all new stunning 3D and pits him against a menacing range of foes. There are some great levels, including water and flight-based adventures, set against fantastic looking backdrops all of which make this one of the best games around.

Ubi Soft, out now, pounds 29.99

Nascar Racing 3 HHHH

PC CD-ROM The third instalment of Nascar Racing from Sierra and developers Papyrus, looks to outclass its predecessors by a mile. As you burn rubber around tracks based on the real thing, you'll experience crashes and twisted metal as well as gorgeous new graphics and highly detailed vehicles. Finally, the inclusion of a multiplayer option, via the Internet or LAN, makes Nascar Racing 3 fast off the grid.

Sierra, out now, pounds 29.99

Quake 2 HHHH

PlayStation Finally, id's classic has arrived. This first person 3D action game casts you in the role of a soldier sent to dispose of the nasty inhabitants of an alien planet. Monsters, puzzles and secrets await as well as an awesome arsenal that includes chain guns, rocket and grenade launchers. But if that wasn't enough, the inclusion of a 4-player death match mode should ensure Quake 2 is an essential purchase.

Activision, out now, pounds 29.99

Q-Bert HH

PlayStation Atari are continuing their nostalgia trip with the launch of Q-Bert, a seminal cutesy puzzler about a character who jumps around obstacle-filled cube-based screens. It now features faster, more challenging puzzles and improved 32-bit graphics, but as was the problem with the first Q-Bert adventure, this game suffers from an overly repetitive theme, which radically reduces its entertainment life span.

Atari, out now, pounds 29.99