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Fifa 2000 HHHH

PlayStation This is one of the few football games to withstand the test of time and now, with the help of Robbie Williams, appears to be on a new high. Fifa 2000 is a vast improvement over the last title mainly because the new, smoother graphics and intelligent gameplay have replaced the previously very jerky style in Fifa 99. As you would expect, the commentary from John Motson, Gary Lineker and Mark Lawrenson is also very impressive.

Electronic Arts, out now, pounds 29.99

Faust HHH

PC CD-ROM This is a point-and-click detective game that uses a first-person perspective. Playing Marcellus Faust, an old man from Mississippi, you must determine the fate of seven souls captured from a mysterious theme park. Will they go to heaven or hell? You must decide. Although the graphics are impressive, and the soundtrack is a masterpiece, the gameplay soon becomes tedious and a little too repetitive.

Cryo Interactive, out now, pounds 29.99

Pharaoh HHH

PC CD-ROM This is the latest in a long line of games to copy Sim City's once innovative gameplay. It takes you back to ancient Egypt where your aim is to build up a prosperous civilisation. The graphics have a bright quirky charm while the various set missions take you slowly through the controls enabling you to master the gameplay. Not an outstanding title, but it can easily become very involving.

Sierra, out now, pounds 29.99

WWF Attitude HH

Dreamcast This wrestling game features 40 well-known WWF characters, including Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Rock. There are various modes of play, such as a career option, in which you must do battle with the computer for several title belts. However, despite the graphics and extensive detail, WWF Attitude is a sluggish title and can only really be recommended for die-hard WWF fans.

Acclaim, out now, pounds 39.99