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Creatures 2 HHHHH

PC CD-Rom The cute critters we adored from Creatures are now back in an all-new adventure, unsurprisingly named Creatures 2. The game contains much more of the wacky action that made the original so enjoyable, although now it is more fun than before - watch the species diversify, as artificial intelligence simulates life itself. With better graphics and many more features, this is truly a wonderful sequel. Creatures was great entertainment, but Creatures 2 is just amazing.

Mindscape, Sept, pounds 39.99

Treasures of the Deep HHH

PlayStation The under-sea world holds so many secrets, making it an ideal setting for Sony's Treasures of the Deep. The player, taking to the water in various submarines, has to recover everything from lost treasure to a nuclear warhead. The graphics are very detailed, and the game environment is vast, but the gameplay is very repetitive - initially fascinating, it is all too easy to lose interest. Even so, for the short time you play it, it's an intriguing game.

Sony Entertainment, on release, pounds 34.99

Dead or Alive HHH

PlayStation Fighting games are being released even faster than new political scandals emerge. One highly regarded release is Dead or Alive. In it, there are numerous characters to choose from, each with around five different costumes. Sadly, the graphics are quite stiff, and the gameplay is pretty basic compared to Tekken 3. There are, however, a lot of powerful combos and great special moves which will keep you entertained a fair while.

Sony Entertainment, on release, pounds 34.99

Kula World HHHH

PlayStation Madness and mayhem have never been as abundant as in Kula World, in which you guide a beach-ball around mazey courses, collecting fruit and keys to proceed through the levels. The graphics are pretty impressive, especially the psychedelic effect when you collect a pill. As for two-player action, Kula World brings absolute chaos, as you try to repeat your opponent's actions. If you have the stomach for it, it's the best of mad-hatter action!

Sony Entertainment, on release, pounds 34.99