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Pet in TV HH

PlayStation Just when you thought Sony couldn't bring out any more strange games, along comes Pet in TV. It's a lot like Tamogotchi, the little electronic pets you have to nurture until they become old - or die. Unfortunately, Sony has left out the quirky designs of Tamogotchi, so instead of growing animals, you get to bring up robots. Overall, this is a pretty poor effort - the graphics are not very good, and the gameplay is severely lacking in entertainment value. And we don't need electronic pets invading our PlayStations.

Sony, on release, pounds 39.99

Rugrats Adventure Game HHH

PC CD-Rom They were a cartoon on TV, and then a video. Now they star in a new song, and they have a film due. The Rugrats have taken the world by storm. But what will the world think of their new game? The Rugrats Adventure Game is one for all the kiddies out there - there are games to play and puzzles to complete. The graphics are decent enough, resembling those in the cartoons, and the gameplay will keep the little 'uns content for a while. If you are young and love the Rugrats, then you'll love the Rugrats Adventure Game.

Broderbund, 20 Nov, pounds 24.99

Monaco Grand Prix 2 HHH

PC CD-Rom Racing sims are now coming out thick and fast, but the quality of some of them leaves a lot to be desired. So can Monaco Grand Prix 2 compete with the best? As you probably guessed, the game is an F1 simulator. It has all the usual flashy gadgets - car damage, artificial intelligence, and so on. It even has a retro mode so you can race historic cars. Even so, the controls are too stiff, and the opponents a little too easy to take pole position from. This is a decent game, but it doesn't have the flair of Grand Prix Legends.

Ubisoft, on release, pounds 39.99


PlayStation Hallowe'en is the day little children are allowed to dress up in stupid outfits and demand sweets. To coincide with this, Psygnosis released O.D.T., one of the most horrific games of the year. O.D.T. is a 3D action adventure with some of the ugliest monsters since Quake II. The player has to battle through a dangerous castle, find the legendary Green Pearl, and save the world from a deadly disease. The graphics are smooth, and the gameplay addictive, but the camera angle is frustrating.

Psygnosis, on release, pounds 39.99