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Tomb Raider III HHHHH

PlayStation Last week we put Lara through her paces on the PC version of Tomb Raider III, and found that she is perfect. So this week, we'll look at the PlayStation version. The main changes in the game are the improved graphics, the harder gameplay, a more realistic Lara Croft, and some new vehicles. The graphics aren't as good on the PlayStation, and the gameplay is not as smooth but it does get mega bonus points for the easy to master control system. It's hard to choose which version is better, but what counts is that Tomb Raider III is a superb game.

Eidos, on release, pounds 44.99

Apocalypse HHHH

PlayStation Bruce Willis steps down from the silver screen to debut in this all action computer game. Apocalypse, by Activision is a 3D platform shoot-'em-up with more guns than an Arnold Schwarzeneger movie. The aim is to defeat the evil Four Horsemen, before taking on their master, The Reverend. Ignoring the weird names, the graphics are decent enough, but the gameplay is simply superb. There are cool weapons, nasty bad-guys, and evil camera angles, all helping to make a great game. Oh yeah, and it has Bruce Willis doing a Die Hard in it too.

Activision, on release, pounds 39.99

Tenchu HHHHH

PlayStation Ninja games have always been popular but none have really stood out as truly wonderful until now. Tenchu: Stealth Assasins, by Activison is one of the most gore-filled games ever and because of this carries an 18 rating. The player can not only kill the enemy, but defenceless people as well. Whether you drop mines, poison them or just slit their throats, one way or another, they are going down. The graphics are magnificent, the gameplay is enthralling and the action bloody. Tenchu is a milestone in gaming, so I suggest you don't miss out.

Activision, on release, pounds 39.99

Knife Edge HH

Nintendo 64 Just when you thought the N64 was releasing some really enjoyable games, along comes Knife Edge from Nintendo. The game places you in an attack helicopter and your job is to blow away all comers. Unfortunately, the player doesn't control the vehicle, only the guns. This, coupled with the unconvincing graphics, and far too simple baddies, just makes us think Nintendo should go back to the drawing board. Knife Edge is a pretty lame tame effort that should never really have been allowed to leave the drawing board let alone the hangar.

Nintendo, on release, pounds 39.99