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Tekken 3 HHHHH

PlayStation Beat-'em-up fans will rejoice in Sony's long-awaited sequel to Tekken 2, aptly named Tekken 3. The game boasts some of the most amazing combos ever, with incredibly smooth graphics and superb sound - it also has a new feature in "Tekken ball". The only downside is the surprisingly slow pace of the game compared to the import version. Even so, this is the biggest release of the year for Sony, and one nobody should miss out on.

Sony Entertainment, on release, pounds 44.99

Police Quest: SWAT 2 HHH

PC CD-Rom SWAT was an FMV game in which you were just one recruit. Now, SWAT 2 allows you to take control of an entire SWAT team to defeat the terrorists.

The new format is a bit of a letdown after such a successful predecessor. The graphics are fair, and the movement is not very fast. To its credit, there are a lot of units to play with, but the gameplay is just too slow and complicated. A great idea, but not such a great game.

Sierra, on release, pounds 39.99

Starcraft HHHH

PC CD-Rom A vast abyss has emerged between Red Alert and C&C: Tiberian Sun. Blizzard is now trying to bridge this with Starcraft, which features three intergalactic races battling for supremacy in Outer Space. Unlike many recent strategy games, Starcraft has very clear, smooth sprites, with some wonderful cut-shots. Although realism is lacking, the gameplay more than makes up for it. Starcraft may not be Red Alert, but it's definitely worth a look.

Blizzard Entertainment, on release, pounds 39.99

Klingon: Honour Guard HHHH

PC CD-Rom Star Trek games have always played it safe by being fun for all the family. Now, they have taken a step towards the dark-side with Klingon: Honour Guard. In the same style as Quake, the player takes control of a member of the Avwl'batlh (pronounced as it's spelled). The graphics are very impressive (though no match for a game like Unreal), and the gameplay is challenging and enjoyable, capping another entertaining release from games giants Microprose.

Microprose, on release, pounds 34.99