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Ghost in the Shell HHH

PlayStation Sony have released a new 3D shoot-em-up, based on the Manga cartoon Ghost in the Shell. The player takes to a Fuchikona (a strange beetle-like robot) and must crush the Puppet-Master's threat. The graphics are pleasing enough, and there is a wide variety of baddies to blow up. Unfortunately, the gameplay becomes very repetitive after the first few levels and while this is an innovative idea, it has pretty limited appeal.

Sony Entertainment, on release, pounds 34.99

Int' Superstar Soccer `98 HHHH

Nintendo 64 Football fans are in for a treat as Konami release a sequel to their best selling game International Superstar Soccer 64, the much improved International Superstar Soccer `98. It offers tougher opposition, smoother gameplay, and more refined graphics. Even the main problem with the preceding version, the slow commentary, has been improved, with John Motson providing decent match analysis. With such an array, this is a game no N64 owner should miss out on.

Konami, on release, pounds 39.99

Premier Manager `98 HH

PC CD-Rom While football management games are becoming more and more popular, it seems their developers are becoming less and less imaginative. A good example of this is Premier Manager `98, by Gremlin. The game does have a lot of neat touches, such as setting your team's ticket prices, and watching the matches they play, but overall the differences between this game and its predecessor are pretty minimal.

Gremlin Interactive, on release, pounds 19.99

Tombi HHH

PlayStation While we await the release of Metal Gear Solid, Sony deliver some pig crunching action in the shape of Tombi. The hero is a small, purple-haired cave-boy, whose world has been overtaken by evil pigs. The graphics and music may leave a lot to be desired, but Tombi is a game that suceeds through entertaining gameplay and frantic action. While it has nothing on the likes of the Mario Bros., Tombi is certainly good for a laugh.

Sony Entertainment, on release, pounds 34.99