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Nintendo 64 Ever dreamt of taking on the giants of the wrestling ring, and becoming the WWF champion of the world? Well, now you can. This game allows you to control your favourite WWF wrestlers (or you can create your own) and compete for the championship. Alternatively, you can play in tag team, steel-cage and weapons matches, or risk the royal rumble. Despite the fact that a lot of the moves are hard to pull off, WWF War Zone's superb graphics make it probably the best wrestling game on the market. Get ready to rumble.

Acclaim, on release, pounds 49.99

Mortal Kombat 4 HHHH

PlayStation Mortal Kombat has always been regarded as one of the most brutal games, and with good reason. Now Mortal Kombat 4 has surpassed its predecessors, picking up an 18 certificate along the way. The graphics have been slightly updated, with an almost 3D look. There are a few new characters, and a lot more gore. Thankfully, though, the gameplay is the same old fast-paced stuff. With so many combos, amazing finishing moves and good-looking new graphics, this is one of the best of the series.

GT Interactive, on release,pounds 39.99

F1 World Grand Prix HHHH

Nintendo 64 From arcade to PC, Formula One motor racing has inspired the development of hundreds of games. Now the N64 finally catches up with the demand with this release. F1 World Grand Prix has some of the most detailed graphics on a PC game since Unreal, and the gameplay is pretty addictive. The main problem is that the controls are awkward to use. However, with so much competitive action, and great looking graphics, this is the racing game to set the standard on the N64.

Nintendo, on release, pounds 39.99

Colin McRae Rally HHHHH

PC CD-Rom If you crave off-road, high-speed, mega-crash action, then look no further than Colin McRae Rally. This game features the same kind of graphics that made TOCA Touring Car so successful. It also has some of the most realistic handling for the cars in any driving game. There are 48 rally stages to test your skills on, or you can play an eight- player race in the network option. Unfortunately, unless you have a very fast computer, you will not be able to fully enjoy this superb game.

Codemasters, on release, pounds 34.99