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PC CD ROM Whoever said that Rome wasn't built in a day obviously didn't own a PC. Caesar III is the latest release by Sierra, and gives you a chance to build the perfect ancient city. The game is in the same style as Sim City, but with a lot more to do. There are houses to build as well as temples, senate houses, farms, granaries and so on. You can even create an army to defend against invaders. This is a very intriguing game, which also helps you to learn about ancient Rome. Learning while playing, what a great idea.

Sierra, on release, pounds 34.99

Reah HHH

PC CD ROM Top computer games have spawned many heroes like Sonic, Mario, and Lara Croft. However, only now has ultimate hero been realised - a Journalist. Reah is the latest release from Project Two and the main theme of the game is exploration. There are loads of clues to pick up and problems to solve which make this one of the most mind boggling, and frustrating, games this year - the challenges are tough. This is a game that takes time and thought to complete because getting stuck is very easy.

Project Two, on release, pounds 34.99

Mortal Kombat 4 HHHH

PC CD ROM Tekken 3 was by far the biggest title in the fighting games genre this year. But, as far as gore-filled beat-em-ups go, none can compare to the blood-bath that is Mortal Kombat. Everyone knows about the Mortal Kombat series, but this latest version still manages to have a few extra tricks up its sleeve. There are more characters and moves than ever before and the action has slight 3D look to it. With its usual quick gameplay and refined graphics, Mortal Kombat 4 can take on any of its PC competitors.

GT Interactive, on release, pounds 39.99

Titanic: Challenge of Discovery HH

PC CD ROM Ever since Leonardo Di Caprio sat on a huge sinking virtual boat with Kate Winslet, the story of the Titanic has boomed in popularity. So, to take full advantage of this, Mindscape have released Titanic: Challenge of Discovery. This is not so much a game as an interactive exploration of the most famous ship in the world. You can travel around and take a look at the sunken vessel. The graphics are superb and while lacking gameplay. this educational release is fascinating and worth playing around with.

Mindscape, on release, pounds 29.99