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The Age of Innocence (U). Scorsese's adaptation of Edith Wharton's novel of passion and repression in the 1880s is fetishistic in its fidelity. There's no sense of what the tale tells us today. Still, it's gorgeous and technically brilliant, a buff's and a snob's delight, with quotations from Visconti to Kubrick, and exquisite etiquette animated by Daniel Day-Lewis and Michelle Pfeiffer. The Brits out-act the Yanks, the men the women. On video, you may see more of the lavish details: Scorsese shot the picture in Super 35 format, so although the sides will be closer there'll be more at the bottom of the screen.

Malice (18). Murder, medical ethics and muddle, with Alec Baldwin and Nicole Kidman. Tackily over-the-top but fun.

Undercover Blues (15). Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid in limp Nick and Nora take-off.

Bhaji on the Beach (18). Asian women hit Blackpool in charming, ramshackle comedy.


Carlito's Way (15). Pacino's coruscating burn-out in De Palma's slice of noir.

Le Jour se leve (PG). Carne's poetic melodrama with Gabin as the man driven to murder.

The Music of Chance (15). Mandy Patinkin mesmerises in Paul Auster's gambling tale.

In a Lonely Place (PG). Bogart at his best.

The Piano (15). Jane Campion's majestic, wrenching, romantic epic. Quentin Curtis