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Cold Heaven (15). It has taken two years for this Nicolas Roeg feature to be released in this country - bypassing cinemas altogether. Despite Roeg's greatness, it is easy to see why. The movie looks sketchy and under-budgeted, with Roeg's direction a half-hearted gesture at his former flourishes. And the project seemed so promising: the supernatural tale of a woman (Theresa Russell) whose husband (Mark Harmon), killed in a motor-boat accident, miraculously returns to life once she has forsaken her lover. Shades of Don't Look Now, but without the same searing quality.

Junior (PG). Flop Schwarzenegger preg- nancy comedy (co-starring a sparky Emma Thompson): Arnie's soft side is not box office.

Pulp Fiction (18). Barbs and barbarity in Tarantino's comic, Oscar- winning thriller.

Sleep With Me (18). Fractiously funny, Generation-X sex comedy. With Eric Stolz.

The Return of Martin Guerre (1982, 15). Dep-ardieu in intriguing tale of disputed identity.

Geronimo (12). Walter Hill's mellow but magnificent study of the last Apache.

Speed (15). White-knuckle suspense trip with Keanu Reeves. Quentin Curtis