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Jimmy White's 2 Cueball HHHHH

PC CD-ROM Jimmy White's Cueball, possibly the greatest cue-sports- simulator ever, has been revamped for 1999 in the highly-awaited sequel, Jimmy White's 2 Cueball. The game has become bigger and better than ever before. Not only can you play both snooker and pool, there are also extra challenges such as darts, chequers and slot machines. It has also been made more user-friendly with the addition of power and chalk status bars. From the amazing scenery to the realistic gameplay, this game is captivating.

Virgin, out now, pounds 39.99

Rollcage HHHHH

PlayStation Racing games have lacked a little spark in recent times, or a least they did until Psygnosis released Rollcage. This all- new action - packed driving game features some of the most addictive racing to date. Players take to vehicles with wheels bigger than the rest of the car, preventing any toppling over, but allowing for some truly chaotic driving. Add fast graphics, lots of weapons, fully interactive backgrounds and a tantalising drum-and-bass soundtrack, and you'll be crying out for more in no time.

Psygnosis, out now, pounds 39.99

X-Men vs Street Fighter HHH

PlayStation With the continuous success of the Street Fighter Alpha series, 2D beat-'em-ups have never been so popular. But, just in case you haven't quite had your fill of 20-hit-combos, Virgin have released X-Men vs Streetfighter. The gameplay is classic retro-style 2D beat-'em- up action, with loads of eye-boggling manoeuvres to pull off and lots of classic characters. However, with no real improvements over some of the more popular preceding titles, players might be advised to wait for the release of Street Fighter Alpha 3.

Virgin, out now, pounds 39.99

Twisted Edge HHHH

N64 Snowboarding, the fastest-growing winter-sport in the world, is slowly taking over the computer-games world. Its latest outing is in Nintendo's Twisted Edge Snowboarding, which proves to be one of the better slope-based titles. As per usual, the graphics are stunning, but now Nintendo have developed more responsive handling combined with vast game environments, with no set paths, and a large selection of boarders. Although this doesn't match up to the likes of 1080, Twisted Edge is well-worth a look.

Nintendo, out now, pounds 39.99