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Champ Manager 3 HHHHH

PC CD-ROM After a huge delay, the greatest ever football sim, Championship Manager, has at last entered its third incarnation. The game is by far the most detailed management sim ever released. Players of the previous versions will instantly recognise the very simple format. When you add to this the ability to choose any club from 15 major world leagues, extra player stats, reserves squads, and the return of coaches and scouts, you can understand why Championship Manager 3 surpasses them all.

Eidos, out now, pounds 39.99

Warzone 2100 HHHH

PC CD-ROM Eidos have been very busy this month, but they have found time to unveil this beautiful war-strategy title. The game is in a similar style to Red Alert, with the major differences of having truly wonderful 3D graphics, and fully interactive scenery. The aim of the game is to recover pre-historic artifacts from the demolished lands of futuristic Earth. Watch out for adversaries who will be doing everything to stop you. Although a few of the levels are pretty basic, Warzone 2100 is instantly playable, and looks stunning.

Eidos, out now, pounds 39.99

Virtual Pool 64 HHH

N65 Cue-sports sims have have only just spread onto the N64 as Interplay proudly present Virtual Pool 64. Virtual Pool was a major success on the PC, and now on the N64, the graphics have become that bit faster. The gameplay is just as playable as in Virtual Pool 2, with all the same features - all the varieties of pool are available, trick shot tutorials, and championship options. This game has a lot going for it, although it would need a lot more to compete with the likes of Jimmy White's 2 Cueball.

Interplay, out now, pounds 39.99

Tank Racer HHHH

PC CD-ROM Games designers are trying to change the way racing titles look - check out Rollcage, and Running Wild. Now Grolier are sticking their oar in with Tank Racer on the PC. As the title suggests, players take to any of 15 turbo-charged tanks and race round 22 cool tracks, blowing away anything in their path. The graphics are very nice, if a little cartoony, and the gameplay is great fun, especially if you setup the multiplayer option on the Internet or a LAN. If you're looking for some explosive action, try Tank Racer.

Grolier Interactive, out now, pounds 39.99