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Carmageddon 2 HHHHH

PC CD-Rom Film sequels are all about bigger and better. Do the same principles apply to computer games? Well, SCI certainly thinks so, hence its new release, Carmageddon 2. The game takes all the great graphics, fierce competition, and controversial gameplay of Carmageddon 1 - and blows them away. The cars now fall apart, there are new, bigger vehicles, and the tracks have had a makeover. Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now is the most gruesome driving game you will ever see. Those with a weak disposition are advised not to play.

SCI, on release, pounds 34.99

Pocket Fighters HHHH

PlayStation Street Fighter and DarkStalkers fans are in for a special treat, as their favourite characters team up in a pint-size beat- 'em-up called Pocket Fighters. The game is in the classic 2D fighting style, and features all the fast and frantic action that made Street Fighter and DarkStalkers so successful. The graphics are very cute, and the gameplay is fantastically random. Whether you're a fan of the old games or not, this one is superb fun. Pocket Fighters is definitely worth bringing home for Christmas.

Virgin Interactive, on release, pounds 39.99

Catz 3 / Dogz 3 HHHH

PC CD-Rom If you're allergic to pet hair, don't have the money to look after an animal, or just can't face that walk through the park every day, then Mindscape's Catz 3 and Dogz 3 can solve your problems. Catz and Dogz give you yet another chance to raise a household pet on your PC. While the previous versions allowed you to own one or two pets, now you can bring up a whole family. If that wasn't enough, you can even have "Catz" and "Dogz" living in harmony. With cool graphics, complex gameplay, and cute animals, you'll never be alone at your desktop.

Mindscape, on release, pounds 19.99

Actua Golf 3 HHHH

PlayStation Whether you like it or not, golf is everywhere - on the TV, in the papers, on the radio, even at the cinema. But if you haven't had your fill of egg whacking, then here's Actua Golf 3. Unsurprisingly, the game lets you play golf. You can take part in a tournament, a single match, or just practise. There are even crazy multi-player games so you can play your mates. The graphics are very realistic, and so is the gameplay. The only problem is that, if you don't like golf, you're unlikely to enjoy this.

Gremlin, on release, pounds 39.99