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INDECENT PROPOSAL (Paramount 15 112mins) Robert Redford offers Demi Moore pounds 1m for a night of passion. This isn't a plot, it's an idea for a plot - and a bad one too; Modern Love, Californian Style. Woody Harrelson amuses as the architect husband with a thing about bricks.

BOXING HELENA (Entertainment 18 101mins) Sherilyn Fenn loses everything but her head in this disastrous study of obsessive love and radical surgery. Julian Sands is the surgeon who embraces her limbless torso with the strangled plea 'Don't leave me.' What's she going to do? Gnaw her way out?

ORLANDO (Fox PG 90mins) Sally Potter's pretty and pretty dull adaptation of Virginia Woolf's novel of gender swap and history's flow provides a feast for the senses and curiously little for the intellect; when Elizabethan nobleman Tilda Swinton awakes to find that he's now a she, the revelation is as starched as his/ her collars.