Websites: Oxford lets you dig into poetry from the trenches

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The Wilfred Owen

Multimedia Digital Archive

First World War poetry enthusiasts, and also fans of Pat Barker's novels, will appreciate this comprehensive archive site, an ambitious undertaking for lay readers and academics alike. It has all the manuscripts of Owen's poetry, plus photos from the Western Front, audio clips of interviews with veterans, and video clips from official British Army films on the Somme and Ancre. The site, part of Oxford University's Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature project, makes available documents scattered in different archives in the UK and US, and offers a frame-based "path creation system" so users can create their own customised tutorials. Other sections include the complete run of The Hydra - the patients' magazine for the Craiglockhart War Hospital, where Owen and Siegfried Sassoon were sent towards the end of the war.

Figment Films

The producer Andrew Macdonald claims to have won the attention of Channel 4's head of films by slipping the Shallow Grave script to his chauffeur, along with a fiver. Such manoeuvres may not be necessary with Figment Films, since this site enables would-be film-makers to make their pitch directly via the Internet. The Submit-A-Script section lets visitors send in a finely honed 100-word proposal for Figment's next movie - a word limit that seems almost generous. A great means to get a foot in the door, but a waiver illustrates industry caution after authorship disputes over films by Steven Spielberg and others - contributors have to agree not to sue if similar ideas are already in the pipeline. The site also has stills and statistics for all Figment's films, as well as the charms of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Global Collage

This wide-eyed, world-wide art project has genuinely global reach, including works from Singapore, Norway and India, as well as the painting of a blue ceramic mouse by England's Emma Moss. The aim is to let "ordinary people", whoever they are, display their talents. It has been devised by a California Web-design firm that also accepts submissions by post, and even by hand. The collage is really just an online slide show, but one that is also projected on a San Francisco wall so that unwired passers-by can also "experience a truly global collection of ideas, emotions, and expressions".

Kingfisher National Curry Day

Tomorrow the curry monster stalks the land, in a traditional celebration going back at least a year, and sponsored by an Indian lager brewed in Faversham. As before, participating restaurants will give 10 per cent of takings to charity. The official site features a tasty-looking fozli gosht. In the UK we now have about 10,000 Indian restaurants turning over some pounds 1.5bn as year. No links, alas, to the online korma community.

The redesigned Curry House site ( offers both Westernised and authentic recipes, a restaurant guide and a special Curry Day "Curry House Toad-in-the-Hole", after last year's "Onion Beerjees" and "Chicken Vindalager and Lime". A charity donation is expected from those who enjoy it.

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