What a fine day, missus

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What a fine day, missus

Have you ever wondered about Ken Dodd? Does that tickling stick keep you awake? Did you ever ponder his comic influences? Well, worry no more. Knotty Ash's distinguished denizen (right) comes Face to Face (Mon 11.15pm BBC2) with Jeremy Isaacs to answer those questions that have been torturing the nation's collective consciousness all these years. The rehabilitation of the farceur as cultural icon is one of the more puzzling phenomena of this puzzling decade. After years of sneers from the Arts establishment, they seem suddenly to be falling over themselves to get Dodd, Manning et al to talk about their "technique" and their "art". Has populism finally come into its own, or is this a bizarrely witty way of putting two fingers up at those who make a living from accusing the BBC of elitism?

Doctor Foster

Back on safer intellectual ground, Yale graduate and acknowledged big brain Jodie Foster (right) hogs the spotlight