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LAYANG-Layang's keeper, Tracy Lee, says the elephants at London Zoo eat roughly the same each day. This was a fairly typical day: "While we were preparing her breakfast in the day-den, Layang-Layang was in the night-den having an early-morning dri nk from the hose. This was at 8am.

"She then ate in the day-den, starting off with a kilo of dog biscuits mixed with 750g of stud cubes. These are basically pony pellets - a dry feed containing the extra vitamins she needs. The three elephants shared half a bale of hay, then fruit and vegetable - bananas, apples, oranges, potatoes, carrots and cabbage. Layang-Layang also had a load of bread.

"After her breakfast she stayed in her den until about 10am, and was then let out. As it does every day, a company called Tree Care came to deliver branches for the elephants to chew and play with. Layang-Layang's favourites are cherry and apple, so she was given four big bundles. She stripped the bark off, ate the twiggy bits and used the rest as toys. The elephants were given a continuous flow of branches until lunchtime, and also had access to a bath in the paddock where they could drink. Lunch was at 1pm - another kilo of dog biscuits, and a kilo of vegetables, fruit and bread. After lunch, she ate more branches.

"At 3.45pm, just before supper, she was given a wash down and a drink. Supper was yet another kilo of dog biscuits, 750g of stud cubes, 350g of linseed oil - to maintain healthy skin and hair - and 500g of vitamin E in pellet form. These are important because they keep her blood levels balanced.

"We filled her food sack with various fruits. Much of this comes from Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's, who donate stock that is just beyond its sell- by date. We then gave Layang-Layang a bale of hay and lots more branches to keep her going through the night."