What's hot ... and what's not

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Out With The Old...

1 No possessions

2 Everything white

3 Everything black

4 Everything costly

5 Fussiness

6 Pretty chairs that you can't sit in

7 Perfection

1 Limestone fireplaces

2 Space-saving cupboards - clever ones

3 Wood or natural fibre floors and timber staircases

4 Fur, velvet and other touchy-feely fabrics

5 Light - glass walls and other clever ways of letting in more of the stuff

6 Mix and Match - something from Ancient Egypt flung next to a decorative cereal packet

7 Colour - brighter, bolder and richer

8 Concrete interiors

9 Seamlessness - rooms that flow together - making them look bigger

10 Monochromism - beige and black and white together (although this is already on the wane)