When the wind blows

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When the wind blows

Early last Saturday, metro's Frisbee posse set out for Regent's Park to test Mookie Toys' Diablo Spinner. For a tenner you get two plastic "swords" and a diablo, modelled on that spinning double-top that jugglers flick into the air and catch using a taut piece of cord. We had rather hoped for something incredibly fast and vicious, and so spent a considerable time over-exerting ourselves in the vain hope that the orange diablo would screech across the park scaring animals and small children. But no - so gentle is the toy that the only dogs in the vicinity left their owners and demanded that we let them join in. Once you get into the hang of launching and catching, you can manage distances of about 25ft, and heights of about 50. Not a little skill is required for a successful throw-catch combo. The main drawback is that the spinner is extremely sensitive to wind - the game deteriorates rapidly in even the slightest breeze. After about an hour we got bored and went back to playing Frisbee. We played a bit more Diablo on the walk home, until Will stepped on it and broke it.

Verdict: not hardcore enough - not bad, but no classic.

£9.95 at Toys R Us, Tesco, Debenhams, Menzies and most toy shops