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We stopped some visitors to London and asked what they were doing. This is what they told us...

We are here for two days' holiday. We have been to London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, 10 Downing Street, Parliament Square, and Trafalgar Square. We're going shopping now.

Fookpow Wong, Malaysia, businessman

We are here with our class. We have been to Leamington Spa and Salisbury. In London, we have visited Madame Tussauds. Today we'll go shopping. Then we will go to Big Ben and Hyde Park. Tomorrow we're going to Bournemouth.

Tanya Karvonen (right), with Heli Tyyska and Joanna, all from Finland

We've had Guinness and tried as many beers as we can. We want to try some English food. But we can't find any. We have had a great time. We did a bus tour and saw St Paul's Cathedral. That was pretty wild. We have seen so many places.

John McLennan, Canada, computer consultant

We are going to go sightseeing on our own. We'll go to Westminster Abbey and Tower Bridge.

Alexandra Fuss, Frankfurt, airline stewardess

There are 31 of us. We have been everywhere. We have been travelling together for 18 days. Tomorrow we go on the Underground. It will be our first time on the Underground.

Mr Yip, Malaysia, labourer

If I had to recommend a place to visit in London, it would be Camden Market. But I wouldn't recommend the trip on the Thames river boat. You can't see anything. I thought the Underground here was going to be cleaner than the one in Madrid. But now I can see that it's even dirtier.

Belen Pena, Spain, advertising sales

The Underground was cleaner than I expected it to be. Tomorrow I am going to Canterbury, Leeds and Dover. On this visit, I am just getting the basics down so I can think about what to see next time. Tonight I have a theatre pass and I'm going to see Miss Saigon.

Steve Sullivan, Massachusetts, software engineer

We are here for three days. There's nowhere special we want to visit. We'll go to Chelsea and shop. We might go to suburbia. Maybe somewhere like Wimbledon.

Joerg Boettcher, Frankfurt, computer consultant

These feet have walked for miles. We went to the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Last week we saw the Canadian prime minister and the Royal Family at the VE Day celebrations. We waved and had tea.

Dan Charleton (right), Canada, salesman

We were dying to try Eurostar. We did it last week. It goes so fast it doesn't shake. I highly recommend it. You can't do that sort of thing in Canada. You can travel for days there and not get anywhere. We went to Brighton, too, and decompressed there for a while. We visited the Pavilion and the pier. No, we didn't buy any rock.

Jason Reindorp, Canada, Public Relations