where shall we meet? Hip Bagel, SW10

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Although the five-screen MGM cinema is one of London's more popular non-West End venues, the choice of meeting places in the area is mostly limited to meals or drinks in full, or nasty places full of staring men. But Hip Bagel, despite a name reminiscent of downtown Tel Aviv, is more than just civilised: it's a positive pleasure to go into. The premises are spacious, mirrored and uncrowded (only five tables and a wall-bar), and covered with pictures of the "art for sale" type. Sandwiches are excellent: loads of different breads (black, chaleh, rye) and traditional fillings like chopped liver and herring. A smoked salmon and cream cheese or salt beef bagel is £2.95. Open 8am- 10.30pm daily.

Hip Bagel, 323 Fulham Rd, SW10 (071-376 8984)