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where shall we meet? Pizzeria Franco, SW9

The market at Brixton is one of the most thriving shopping paradises in London: a place where you can buy fish, plantains and several metres of fabric and still have change from a tenner. You can also assuage the angriest hangover on pizza and caffe-latte at Franco's, a tiny shopfront whose tables spill onto the market walkway. Inside, the walls are white- tiled and the pizzas are among the best you'll get in London: light and generously topped with everything you could dream up, including aubergines. This is a very popular venue with many regulars, so don't expect to get a table all to yourselves. Allow 10-20 minutes for queuing, and don't try to go there for dinner: they won't be open.

Pizzeria Franco, 4 Market Row, Electric Lane SW9 (071-738 3021)