Wild Love

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Wild Love

"The future of rock 'n' roll belongs to women," Kurt Cobain declared shortly before his death last year, and he wasn't talking about Cline Dion. He was referring in part to his wife, Courtney Love, self-invented pop wildcat extraordinaire, whose sublime grunge is descending upon London this week. Her band Hole's current album, Live through This, was released before Cobain's suicide - and so its exhortation has assumed a tragic dimension - but it has taken until now to achieve its deserved critical respect. It's a surprisingly gentle album - these rockers aren't afraid of acoustic guitars. But have no fears that Love live is still a fearsomely visceral prospect, marrying heartbreakingly romantic glamour with limitless bile and general dissing of everyone in the world. Frances Bean couldn't hope for a cooler mother.

Shepherd's Bush Empire (0181-746 0255) 10 May