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The Independent on Sunday has joined up with Allinson and the National Bread Making Week to offer readers the chance to win a Fournos wood-fired garden baking oven.

First Prize: A Fournos Garden Oven, inclusive of delivery and installation and recipe booklets (including one on baking bread with the Fournos). The oven, valued at pounds 1,500, has been donated by Allinson. The winner will also receive a copy of Elizabeth David's English Bread & Yeast Cookery (donated by the Penguin Cookery Library, worth pounds 17.99), a set of Pyrex mixing bowls and jug, a Progress baking tin and an Allinson goodie bag of yeast, flour, recipe, apron, and more.

Two Runners-Up Prizes: Pyrex mixing bowls and jug, a Progress baking tin, a copy of Elizabeth David's English Bread & Yeast Cookery, plus an Allinson goodie bag (yeast, flour, recipe, apron, and more).

To enter, send all three correct answers on a postcard, with your name, address and telephone number to the Independent on Sunday Review, National Bread Making Week/Allinson Competition, 1 Canada Square, London E14 5DL by Thursday 6 November. The winner will be notified the following day, and the results published in Section 2 of this paper next Sunday, 9 November.


1. Granary flour is a proprietary blend of flour and flavourings. Which of the following does it not contain?

(a) malt flakes

(b) bran

(c) rye flour

(d) cracked wheat

2. Salt is added to bread doughs in order to:

(a) speed up the rising time

(b) slow down the rising time

(c) inhibit undesirable micro-organisms

(d) improve flavour

3. Wheat germ is removed by millers when making white flour because:

(a) it can contain the infectious element which prompted ergotism, a terrible disease common in the Middle Ages

(b) it is highly nutritious and commands premium prices among animal breeders

(c) it contains oil and when crushed, starts to go off, thus reducing shelf life

(d) it clogs the mill rollers


1. Normal Newspaper Publishing plc competition rules apply. For a full copy please send an sae to the Marketing Department at the Independent. 2.The competition is open to all UK residents, excluding employees of Newspaper Publishing plc, Fournos, Allinson and associated companies and agents, or members of their families. 3. The results are final and no discussion or correspondence can be entered into regarding them or any other matter.